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Boutique animation / illustration studio
in the magical land of Slovenia.


Our flagship is the idea, which we keep fresh with our childlike playfulness and starry-eyed curiosity.

When we are not creating, we like to surf the web or the ocean waves, race down ski slopes, conquer mountain peaks or wander off in the clouds accompanied by music.

Our ideas are as a conglomerate of various experiences best translated into illustrated and animated content, since they tend to transcend the limitations of other media and the laws of physics.

Our digital products always contain a piece of our soul, so we take our work seriously. We want our legacy to be of quality.

Our team of mavericks belongs to the Internet generation, so you can expect us to be swift with our responses and up to date with the latest trends in technology and culture.


"Working with ANIMANI animation studio was a joy, pleasure and something completely new for our company. WINTHERWAX animated movie was a great challenge for both sides with a lot of complex details which were professionally solved by the ANIMANI team. The result is a brilliant piece of artwork appreciated by many people around the world."

Aleš Ugovšek
Aleš Ugovšek Vodja projektov, M-Sora

"This serie of mini lectures is produced for in our app called BOKS!. We were searching for a good way to provide this information to our clients. These short and powerful videos are a great result! Animani found a way to present the most valuable information in a fun and compact way. We love the video design which is in line with our company branding."

Geert van der Linden
Geert van der Linden Community & Creative director, Nudge

"We wanted an animation video along our True Cost of Food campaign since this is the ideal way to get difficult content in an easy to consume way. In this way we are able to explain this to a broad audience. Text would have been to long. The video created by Animani meets all our expectation and we’ve received a lot of positive response. The script has impact, is concrete with strong content and is amazingly translated into video and audio. We can recommend this tailor made product with a great price/quality ratio. The sphere of the video is great and created with a lot of creativity. We happily recommend Animani to anyone who wants to explain a complex message in a practical way…"

Michaël Wilde
Michaël Wilde Sustainability & Communications Manager, Nature & More