A well thought out strategy and a bold idea are the key ingredients of every commercially viable project.
The first step is setting boundaries for our ideas. We start by collecting the information about the project, your brand, and your target audience. This gathered data serves as a filter for our numerous ideas.


Who doesn't want to see something they can't imagine?
Bold ideas tend to transcend the borders of our perception. Illustration is a limitless medium. Giant birds, an army of wizards, a space tuna? No problemo.
We start off by gathering visual inspiration to define the illustration style that would best suit your brand. We continue with a sketch, co-operate in the creation process and in the end, celebrate our new illustration!
Our Illustration Portfolio


The human eye is drawn to movement.
Animation is a magical medium that breaths life into our static illustrations. Our vibrant directing style and elegant animated motion grab the viewers' attention and take them on a ride across your brand's visual galaxy.
Our Animation Portfolio

Social Media

Are you on Facebook? What about LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok?

Social media is the ultimate test for our creative solutions. We edit our illustrations and animations to fit the variety of social media platforms. With carefully though out ad campaigns, clever captions and quality visuals, your brand should be getting more exposure, fans and clients.


Your website is your face on the Internet.
If you are competing for a place in the market, unique positioning might be the answer. Using illustration and animation on your website can help you differentiate your brand from the crowd.

We adjust our work to fit your website structure and design. We create inspiring headers, spot illustrations/animations, USP icons and more.


Nothing screams "serious business" like a big jumbo ad.
We are no strangers to the good old print.
Whether it's labels, t-shirts, posters or jumbos, we've got you covered and we always love getting our illustrations printed!